6 Ways to Create Your Ideal Office Space

So the pandemic rather turned the world on its head and has introduced a new working scheme designed to cater to the public’s health, while still accomplishing work. This has been great for some but I know, really challenging for others, especially in those early days when small children were at home.

However, if one is working from home, planning a tranquil space is so important. Keep these ideas in mind and call us if you need help with painting or lighting. Sometimes a small, inexpensive creative change is all that you need to turn a poky, dark corner into a spot that brings you joy… and of course, productivity.

  1. Bring all the things you will need.

The materials you will use for work will depend entirely on what you do. If you work with computers, for example, then bring your device and every gadget and peripherals your computer will need to accomplish your workplace tasks. For example:  Have enough paper, ink and stationery within easy reach. Add a second monitor if you can afford it. It allows for more virtual ‘desk space’.  Trap all the wires in ties, so your special place doesn’t look like a mess or become a dust trap.  Invest in high-speed, reliable internet.  Plus, discuss with your company whether they would be willing to purchase a small battery inverter for you (given the frequency of load shedding).

The thing is, it can be annoying to keep on leaving your workstation because you failed to bring all your necessities to the area. (I read that for every small break in concentration, it takes around 20 minutes to get back into the task with full focus).

  1. Find a definite and stable spot.

We suggest that you do not practice working in different spots around your home. (Working with your computer on your lap in the sitting room is not only bad for your back and the forward posture of your neck, but also fatal for productivity.)

Choose a definite area away from all the noise and people in the household that may distract you from working. Having a specifically designated spot will also condition your brain to work whenever you are in that spot.

The things you should consider are; the accessibility of electric outlets, the noise, the lighting and the ventilation of your work pozzie. Anywhere that is isolated would be great.

Have an agreement with your family, particularly children, that you will not be available between certain hours, and if they need you they will have to wait till you pop out for coffee before approaching you.

  1. Invest in ergonomics and comfort.

Your home office will be your main sitting place for an indefinite period. You must feel comfy whenever you work there. Choose a chair that fully supports your back, or even consider a standing desk. Small specially crafted additions to place on your existing desk are definitely doable and if you need help, we can make these for you.

Good seating… or standing… will keep you from getting back pain or feeling irritated because you are sitting on a dining room chair when you need a dedicated chair. Moreover, buy the materials you lack before you begin working so you can focus your energy primarily on the task.

  1. Add some personality to it.

Your home office is the reflection of the type of workplace setup you want to have. Be creative with it. Make it a place you feel energized and happy to work in. Paint the walls and add some attractive plants if you so please.  What matters is that it looks appealing to you. Have a jug and crystal glass for water on your desk.  Place a photo of your family where you can see it easily.  Place a pinboard on the wall for reminders and important points. Take a look at this post for general ideas for renovating and suede finish painting.

  1. Keep unnecessary gadgets away.

Yes, you read it right. As tip number one suggests, take what is necessary for the work but remove any gadget that may distract you. Personal phones containing all your social media will only distract you. Leave them on the kitchen table to look at when you go through to make coffee.  If you have the means to use a dedicated phone and laptop for work, then all-the-better.  As much as possible, eliminate distractions.

  1. Make sure it has enough lighting.

Ambient natural or artificial lighting should be abundant in your dedicated office place. It is challenging and depressing to work in a dark area, plus it can make you sleepy. Abundant lighting can be very beneficial to keep you focused and awake. Sky lights are useful here.

Add a dab of stimulating essential oil, such as lemon, to your light bulbs, to infuse your area with a scent that will help sharpen your mind.

On the subject of lighting and in order not to disrupt your sleep patterns, if you plan to sneak in a few hours of work after sundown, install a program like ‘Iris’ on your computer.  At a predetermined time, Iris will cut the blue light from your screen without affecting brightness, allowing your brain to continue to produce melatonin as it should.  Having said that, try and maintain office hours wherever possible.


Working at home can result in added productivity, but if your space is not pleasant, it may drain your energy before you even begin. Try out our tips above and get that home office up and functional.

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